Free Online Information Technology Courses

There are several free on-line Information Technology Courses available to anyone around the world. This article will show you some courses to follow and become a certified professional. offers free certified learning possibilities in a long list of possible fields, for example:
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Fundamentals of Perl Programming
iPhone App Development
Digital Communication Networks
Fundamentals of Network Security
Diploma in Web Design
Introduction to Information Technology
Introduction to Computer Science
Fundamentals of Human-Computer Information Retrieval
Computer Security Course offers a top free on-line Information Technology course, which is offered through Weber State University and the name of the course is Global Issues in Information Technology. Free courses materials are available including, discussion notes, assignments and more. Topics like intellectual property protection, business practice, languages and telecommunications infrastructure are covered.

Fluency with Information Technology is another free on-line Information Technology course to enable students the opportunity to become a certified professional and offered by the University of Washington. This on-line course will provide students with three essential topics in the Information Technology sector, such as:
The necessary skills to use software applications
Capabilities to think and troubleshoot problems and test IT solutions
Concepts in understanding basic modes of operation, basic devices and more
Open Learning World offers free certified Information Technology courses world-wide in the following:
System Analysis and Design
Programming Concepts and Languages
Fundamentals of Management Information Systems
Fundamentals of Information Technology
Enterprise Resource Planning
Programming Computer Languages
Internet Network of Networks
Computer Information Management
Computer Tools and Architecture
Keyboard Short-cuts
e-Commerce Fundamentals
Expert Systems
Basics of Computers

Top Online Courses on the Web offers a huge amount of various free online courses world-wide from top universities. Most of them offer Information Technology courses such as the Stony Brook University that offers a free Analysis of Algorithms courses and the course teaches, Computer Science, Algorithms, Dynamic Programming and Linear Sorting. Clicking on the various university links, will give you full information on the course and you simply add the course to your wish list after which you can track your progress on-line.

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